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  General Features : 
·    Dimension: 150mmx15mmx15mm.
·    Weight: 30g.
·    This mini interview recorder. Ideal for both spy camera and hidden camera, Small enough to conceal almost anywhere!!
·    Wherever you place your mini camera, you'll know for sure that you won't miss anything.
·    The Micro-Camcorder PEN cam is the smallest high resolution, real time digital camcorder ever produced.
·    Easy to use "one touch record" button lets you discretely record any evidence instantly.
·    Playback video/video on PC or any media compatible for AVI format.
·    Can be used as USB Flash memory stick
·    Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.
·    It's great for use as a hidden cam,spy cam etc.
·    Real time recording in AVI video format.
·    Color video with voice lets you clearly see who's there and hear what they say.
·    Place it up high or conceal it down low. With built-in rechargeable battery so there's no long cord for you to hide.
·    Playback video on PC. 
  Camera Technical Parameter : 
·    Video compression : AVI video format,352x288.
·    Voice recording: Yes.
·    Internal memory: Yes.
·    Flash: 4 GB.
·    Video file size; >500KB per min
·    Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is full or manually off.
·    Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable.
·    Battery type : Lithium-ion.
·    Recording time : up to 4h.
·    Battery use time : 100-120minuts